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FREE Martha Stewart Summer Grilling Cookbook May 19, 2010

There’s SO much more to grilling than just hot dogs & hamburgers! Let Martha Stewart bring new vim and vigor to your backyard BBQ with this FREE Martha Stewart Summer Grilling Cookbook.

You can download the entire Martha Stewart Summer Grilling Cookbook for FREE by clicking here, or download it a chapter at a time. It will download as a PDF document, then do a “Save As” to save the cookbook to your computer!

Here are the links to download the chapters one at a time:


45 FREE Meatless Comfort Food Recipes January 19, 2010

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If anyone can convince a “steak & potato” that meatless food can be amazing, Martha can! Here are 45 FREE meatless comfort food recipes sure to please any crowd.

If you’re not a vegetarian, this is a great site to bookmark for when you’re having a vegetarian guest to dinner. It proves there’s far more to vegetarian cooking than grilled veggies or tofu!



40 FREE “Quick Dinner On Demand” Recipes from Martha Stewart December 16, 2009

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I found this yesterday and just HAD to share it… You know how things around the holidays can get crazy-busy, and with all those guests coming and preparations, it is often easy to not have a healthy dinner? Those drive-thrus can become way too easy (and expensive).

Here’s a solution – 40 FREE “Quick Dinner On Demand” recipes from Martha Stewart! These meals can be easily reheated for anyone’s schedule, and many look to be great ones to make ahead and freeze for later dinners/lunches. Now that’s Being Resourceful!


FREE Martha Stewart Thanksgiving cookbook November 18, 2009

This FREE cookbook might just save your sanity next week as you prep for the Thanksgiving festivities! Martha Stewart and her extensive team of chefs (including Emeril Lagasse and others of note) are sharing with you – for FREE – their Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Hotline Recipes cookbook. Click here to download the entire cookbook as a PDF. They’ll save your backside when it comes to soups & starters, sides & salads, turkey & entrees, desserts, wine & liquor, and general entertaining.

Before you read it, though, you may want to put a napkin down on your desk. You’re going to start drooling when you see the photography of the food in there.


$10 gets you TWO magazines for a YEAR: Everyday Food AND body+soul October 14, 2009

Yep, that’s right! You can get a full year (10 issues) of body+soul magazine PLUS a full year (10 issues) of everyday FOOD magazine for just $10 total for BOTH subscriptions! This would make a fabulous gift for a friend… or for YOU!

Folks, if you bought these on the newsstand, it would cost you $84.90, so this is a savings of nearly $75!

The only kicker to this deal is that both magazines go to the same recipient (at one single address).

Expires: Unknown