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FREE checklist: Emergency Preparation File November 12, 2010

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Whether you’re married or single, with or without dependents, an Emergency Preparation File is one of those things you just MUST have. When there’s an emergency situation and you have to get OUT of your home FAST, you need to have everything in one spot, easily accessible, and highly portable. No one wants to think about being in this situation, but you’ve got to be prepared.

You know you need to be prepared, but where do you start? Smead Organomics has a great article with FREE information on how to put together an Emergency Preparation File. It is definitely worth a few minutes to read the article, and a couple of hours to gather your household’s information to make your own file.

So, why did I post this?  I’m Safety Girl, the daughter of Safety Man. Safety Man is always on my mind, and always in my heart. He taught me to always be prepared for anything that might come my way. He had an Emergency Preparation File too, and told me where he and my mom kept it in their home. I never wanted to think about them ever needing it, but I knew where it was just in case. We have an emergency preparation file for our household too, and this article reminds me that I need to update it asap!

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this November, knowing you’ve done what you can to be prepared!