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AMAZING Holiday Wreaths – order NOW! October 5, 2009

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December is going to sneak up on you before you know it… Order your amazingly fresh holiday wreaths NOW! Go ahead. Go get your address book (iPhone, Blackberry, wherever you keep that important inf0). I’ll wait… Ok, got it? Now, go get your credit card. Oh, you already know that number? Fabulous!

I first learned about Bessey Ridge Wreaths a few years ago from a friend who grew up in Maine. She gave me the head’s up that her extended family was starting their own wreath company. They used to hand-make these wreaths to be sold by L.L. Bean, and have since developed Bessey Ridge Wreaths.

Rest assured that your holiday wreaths from these folks will be amazing and they’ll knock the socks off your gift recipients! They’re so fresh and so fragrant, and they look like they cost a million bucks — but they don’t. If you order by November 14, their new Winter Elegance Christmas Wreath is just $34 and that INCLUDES shipping!

Seriously, you won’t find a flower arrangement that will look this good, smell this good, or last this long for even double this price! “The Winter Elegance Christmas Wreath is a 24” double-sided fragrant balsam fir wreath decorated with four sets of snow-tipped pine cones, frosted glass balls and two six-loop burgundy velvet bows.” They have several more Christmas wreaths to choose from.

Check out their Hanukkah Wreath and Balsam Centerpiece for even more great gift ideas! They even do custom wreaths!

And, when you place your order, know you’re supporting real people who take great pride in what they do. It’s a family tradition.

Early bird discount expires November 14, 2009.