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44cents to brighten Bella’s day July 19, 2010

Bella TuckerThe value of a postage stamp? 44 cents. The value of making a little girl’s day by sending a “keep up the great work!” or “sending you smiles from far away!” note, card, or postcard? PRICELESS!

Today’s post is a bit different from the normal deals I share. Today I’m asking for everyone to pull together (being resourceful with my network!) to cheer on this brave little girl Bella Tucker. On Easter Sunday 2010 she came down with a near-fatal infection and had to have a quadruple amputation. 8-year-old Bella, who previously enjoyed gymnastics and playing with friends (including my colleague’s daughter), no longer has hands or feet, or most of her arms or legs. But she’s a trooper, and so is her family! Bella is making great strides despite a recent pneumonia set-back. She could use all the cheer & support we can offer.

Please take a couple of minutes (and one stamp) out of your day (or your child’s day) to drop a greeting to:

Bella Tucker, c/o Sonya Fonseca, 5 Tokanel Drive, Londonderry, NH 03053

Many thanks to Sonya who has offered to hand-deliver all of the cards, notes, and postcards to Bella for us!

Thanks in advance for participating and passing this request along. Let’s bring Bella some cheer! Ok, time to get my kids started on this project too.

Expires: Never — this kiddo is going to need our support for a long, long time.