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What can we do for you? April 26, 2009

So, what kinds of deal & bargains are you looking for? What would be most helpful to you? Is there something you need to purchase soon but having a coupon would really sweeten the deal?

Please let us know! Send us an email. Please be sure to include at least your first name so that we can give you the credit if we publish your request & answer.


4 Responses to “What can we do for you?”

  1. Carmen Hannold Says:

    I’m following up on the $3 off Dallas Zoo coupon. Please contact me regarding the validity and source of this promotion. thank you.
    Carmen Hannold
    Guest Services Director
    Dallas Zoo

  2. april Says:

    Do you have a valid discount for the Dallas zoo for April 2013

    • M Says:

      The Dallas Zoo usually hosts Dollar Days in November and July, offering admission for just $1 per person. I don’t know of any current discounts other than purchasing a membership and enjoying that (and the associated perks like free parking) all year long. Sorry!

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