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Temporary technical difficulties… September 23, 2010

Filed under: organ donation — Meg @ 8:29 pm

This is one of those times I miss working in an office with an IT department… My laptop is down with a virus, so I’m taking some time off from Being Resourceful while I get things figured out. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy amidst the beginning of the cold and flu (ie. the “back to school”) season! Get those flu shots, all, and we’ll see you back here, hopefully VERY soon, with some fabulous deals!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet registered as an organ and/or tissue donor, please head over to and register with your state’s directory. At the very least, as we approach the 2nd anniversary of my beloved daddy’s homecoming in Heaven, please talk with your family and loved ones about your wishes (and theirs), should any of you be in the position of becoming an organ and/or tissue donor. Heaven really doesn’t need your organs and/or tissue, and goodness knows we need them here.


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