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EXPIRED: $3 OFF per ticket at Dallas Zoo May 10, 2010

UPDATE: It turns out that neither the Dallas Zoo nor AdPages realized this coupon was still up on the web! Oops! It looks like we unintentionally found a loop hole. The coupon has been taken down as of 7/12/2010, but check out the $1 admission day on 7/15/2010!

What a deal! If you live in or near Dallas, or plan to visit this fabulous city before the end of September, PRINT THIS NOW.

I found a killer printable coupon for the Dallas Zoo! You’ll save $3 OFF any full-price admission with this coupon, up to 6 tickets per coupon! Coupons for the Dallas Zoo are pretty rare to find, so this one is worth printing now and sticking in your glove box.

Have you heard about their amazing new Giants of the Savanna habitat that opens Memorial Day weekend? My kids and I have had such a fun time watching this habitat being built, and we visited Gypsy and Jenny, the zoo’s elephants, in their old habitats for the last time last week. The elephants have moved to the new 11 acre habitat and joined the new elephants successfully! The giraffes are next to move, and then when the habitat opens, we’ll be able to FEED the giraffes! How cool will that be?!?

Expires: September 30, 2010


12 Responses to “EXPIRED: $3 OFF per ticket at Dallas Zoo”

  1. Linda Says:

    Thanks for the coupon to Dallas Zoo!

  2. Bobby Ramirez Says:

    Thanks for the coupon and looking forward to see the new renovation this weekend.

  3. R Smith Says:

    Thanks for the coupon! My husband and I are using it for a “date day” for us. Being a “coupon queen”, I was thrilled to get a coupon for the zoo! (Indeed a rarity!) We printed a 2nd one to use when we decide to go back with the kids. THANKS!

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Thanks so much for the coupon. My family (up to 20-25) of us
    will be traveling to the Dallas Zoo on the week-end of the 4th of July so I was very excited to find the coupon. I know the “kid”
    in all of us will enjoy that experience.

    • M Says:

      Cheryl – Some tips for saving money at the zoo… Bring your own picnic lunch and drinks. There are water fountains for refilling your water bottles! Parking is about $7/car, so pack them full! Have fun!

  5. Lea Says:

    We printed this out and tried to use them, and we were told that they weren’t acceptable. Told us that coupon was in a magazine and that they wouldn’t accept one printed out on a personal computer/printer. 😦

    • M Says:

      Lea – I’m shocked! One of the perks of them advertising in that magazine is that people can access their coupons online, thereby broadening their reach. I’m so sorry to hear that. Thank you for reporting back to us about it. I hope you still had fun at the zoo.

  6. M Says:

    I don’t think the Dallas Zoo realized that AdPages posted their coupons online for people to print. The Zoo staff just contacted me about it and I’ll let you know the result. I think they should honor the coupon or have it taken down pronto.

    • Becky Says:

      Well, this sucks. We are headed to Dallas for a few days with 3 kids. This coupon was a deciding factor on what to do on one of our days. I guess the zoo will not be getting our business…

      • M Says:

        Becky – I realize you’re frustrated, and rightly so, but please keep in mind that the mistake was on the part of AdPages (their IT team did not pull the image down from their servers as they should have at the end of May), not the Dallas Zoo. Either way, I’m sorry this impacts your plans for your visit.

  7. Adam Says:

    Then Ad-pages should eat the cost of the revenue loss due to people using the coupon. Horrible management and execution of this advertisment on both parts. The Dallas Zoo executive in charge of running this campaign should be responsible for developing, running and ending the ad. That means verifying the removal of the ad. And, what goes for those who printed the ad before the end of May? Furthermore, nothing in the ad specified that the coupon must be torn of of a magazine and not printed. This stinks of bait and switch and I would have been extremely upset if I was denied a discount upon a visit. By the way. I took my family there this weekend and the new habitats were fantastic. Strongly recommend.

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