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FREE Yankee Candle March 28, 2010

Yes, ma’am.  This is the perfect deal for today. My husband and son will return this afternoon from their 4-day camping trip. As much as I’d like to think they’d come home freshly bathed and smelling good, they won’t. They’ll stink like nothing else, but have the world’s biggest smiles on their faces, so I guess I can forgive the stench. What would make the odor SO much better is a FABULOUS FREE Yankee Candle!

So, how do you get this deal? It is easy! Just print this coupon and take it to any participating retailer. When you buy two large jar Housewarmer Yankee Candles, you’ll get one FREE. The coupon says you have to buy two “regularly priced” large jar Housewarmer candles, but I’d bet if you brought those 20% OFF coupons that you have lurking in your glove box for Bed, Bath, & Beyond, you’d be able to get 2 at 20% OFF (so they’re not on sale, just discounted because you were a smart cookie & brought your coupons!), then one free with this coupon. Heck, it is worth a try!

I may have to try this idea before the guys return. A pre-emptive house freshening may be in order!

Find a retailer near you.

Expires: April 18, 2010

Thanks, Mommy’s Wish List!

PS. Happy Birthday, my love!


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