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75cent movies TODAY at Cinemark Theaters! March 22, 2010

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What’s the plan for this evening? After work, maybe you’ll hit the grocery store then head home to the pile of laundry you put off from yesterday, right? I have a better idea. How about putting the laundry on the back burner for just one more day, rally the troops, and head to the movies?  How about going to the movies for just 75 cents per person?!?!

Yes! This is true! Cinemark is running a “Reel Family Time” promo right now where, at selected theaters, if you purchase 3 or more tickets, they’re just 75 cents each on Mondays! That makes each ticket cost less than pretty much everything nowadays.

So, go! Have fun! That laundry can wait.

Find a participating Cinemark near you.

Expires: Unknown

Thanks, My DFW Mommy!


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