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$3 SuperStar Barbie! March 11, 2010

Everyone wants to be a SuperStar. Now you can pretend you’re one when you own SuperStar Barbie for just $3! Yes, you read that right. Just three smackeroos! That’s less than the cost of a grande non-fat no-foam latte at Starbucks…

Through March 13, 2010, SuperStar Barbie is on sale for the original Barbie price ($3) from 1959. I’ll hop on that band wagon! Who knows, my 2 year old may become a Barbie fanatic. And, if not, I know several adults who’d like this as a gift anyhow!

This SuperStar Barbie is a re-release of the original SuperStar Barbie that came out in 1977. Now she’s out on the town with a shorter hemline and lots of sparkle. She even has her own bling — a “diamond” ring!

You can find SuperStar Barbie in stores and online. Here she is for just $3 at a couple of online spots:


Target (UPDATE: Target online is sold out!)

FYI, when I priced SuperStar Barbie online at Target, the shipping was close to $6 to my house. Here’s my suggestion — buy a bunch! Get together with your office crew or neighborhood friends and buy several in one order while they last! Who wants to go from store to store? And, ordering as a group saves gas money, time, etc. Now, that’s Being Resourceful!

Expires: March 13, 2010

Thanks, DailyCandy & Facebook!


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