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Welcome to Being Resourceful! February 4, 2010

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If this is your first time to visit Being Resourceful, we welcome you! We pick the best of the best bargains, deals, and freebies on a daily basis, saving you money every step of the way. If you’re a savvy shopper, put up your feet and stick around. Sign up for updates via email, RSS feeds, Facebook, and Twitter — we”ll keep you posted!

Please check out our “Why do I do this?” tab to learn more about Being Resourceful and the motivation behind it. This isn’t a business and there is no paid advertising or product placement on the site. Our passion is unique.

Many thanks to CBS19 in East Texas for featuring us in their ten o’clock news segment on Wednesday, February 3, 2010. There’s an article on their site about the feature right now, and here’s a link to the footage!


3 Responses to “Welcome to Being Resourceful!”

  1. HIlde Simmons Says:

    Well hi there Meg. I sure am proud to know you personally and to have known you before all the fame and hopefully fortune that is ccoming your way.

    I’ll be checking out those great sites.

    Thanks for the hard work. Hilde

  2. Anna Says:

    so proud of you!

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