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$12 Vera Bradley Gorgeous Organizer January 25, 2010

Perfect for your purse, brief case, or diaper bag, Vera Bradley is offering its 12-Pocket Organizer for just $12 in-store through February 5th! The postcard I received describes it as:

“Our handy, 6-1/4″ x 7″ purse-sized organizer in new Poppy Fields includes blank tabs with labels and an elastic band closure.  Neatly holds your coupons, notes, receipts, photos and more!”

I’ve searched online and can’t find an exact photo of the 12-Pocket Organizer; I think it is an in-store item only! So, click here to see a similar item in the same print.

This is a steal of a deal on Vera Bradley, and would make a fabulous hostess gift or even tuck it away for Mother’s Day. Yes, May feels a long way off right now, but it will sneak around the corner and get you if you’re not careful… And who’s to say those lists you carry around have to be on a plain old pad a paper? Maybe you’ll start crossing things off if they’re in this stylish organizer. Just trying to help! 🙂

Find a Vera Bradley retailer near you!

Expires: February 5, 2010


One Response to “$12 Vera Bradley Gorgeous Organizer”

  1. :O So mush Info :O THis Is he MOst AMAzing SIte DUDe

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