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Why do I do this? December 8, 2009

Yes, keeping this site stocked with the best of the daily deals out there is a lot of work. And, no, this is not a business. There is no paid product placement or advertising. I don’t benefit personally from this project one bit.

So, why do I spend all this time writing Being Resourceful? My dad. I love him. I miss him. I wish I could have him back.

My dad benefited from a heart valve transplant and a partial aorta transplant, but didn’t live long enough to receive a heart transplant. He went to Heaven at the very young age of 62.

The ULTIMATE in resourcefulness is sharing your self — your tissues and organs when you no longer need them. Please talk about this with your family. Consider officially registering as a tissue and/or organ donor. Encourage your family and friends to do the same. Leave your tissues and/or organs here. Heaven doesn’t need them; someone here does. You could save someone’s life.

Please visit the national organ/tissue donor site, Donate Life, at to learn more.

I thank YOU from the bottom of MY heart (which will definitely be donated someday if I’m ever in the position).


3 Responses to “Why do I do this?”

  1. Casey Says:

    Agreed…….everyone should be a donor. My sister and best friend is in need. Hoping she finds the right fit.

    So sorry about your father.

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