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50% OFF Caricature Products: Get a mohawk without losing your hair! November 4, 2009

Now here’s something that’s sure to get a laugh out of friends and family! Just wait until they receive your holiday card with caricatures of your whole family in antlers and red hats (on the card, starting at $6.49 for 10, and the return address label, starting at $3.99 for 140), or you hand your neighbor that fruit cake (because you had good intentions of baking homemade coffee cake but then life happened so you went the smart & easy route and ordered them from Collin Street Bakery) with a gift tag, starting at $3.99 for 25, featuring you and your pets in your holiday get-ups!

Vistaprint can take care of all of this for you (well, except for those fruit cakes – that’s up to you). Right now they have all their caricature products at 50% off.  And you don’t have to do the winter holiday theme. All of their caricature products are at 50% off, so this is a great time to stock up for upcoming birthdays, celebrations, or just to keep your correspondence light. Heck, Dad can even have a mohawk if he wants!

(Just another thought… Pads of paper featuring a family with its newest addition – whether a baby or a pet – would make a fabulous personalized gift!)

Expires: Unknown


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