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$6.52 Sit ‘n Spin – an old-school toy at an old-school price! October 21, 2009

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Remember the days when you’d spin yourself silly while you and three of your friends fit your little hineys on your Sit ‘n Spin? Relive the good ‘ol days for just $6.52! (Sorry, this doesn’t come with a guarantee that your hiney will shrink back to that old-school size.)

Print the $10 off coupon from, then head to your nearest WalMart to use it. Yes, this takes a couple of steps (more than the typical one click we do on BR), but what a DEAL!

If you don’t have a kiddo in your life who could use this, please consider picking up a Sit ‘n Spin to donate to a holiday toy drive in your area. We’re sure there’s a child out there who would simply love this.

Extra info:

  • When we tested the site this morning, the coupon was in the upper right-hand corner of page 7 of their coupons. Be sure to have your printer hooked up and ready when you click “print coupons” because it send them directly there, and you can only “clip” and print each coupon once.
  • WalMart is the suggested store because many locations have the toy for $16.52, but you can use the coupon anywhere coupons are accepted.
  • Prices vary store to store, so shop around! WalMart’s regular price is $19.96, but $10 off that is still a great deal!

Thanks, Heather!


One Response to “$6.52 Sit ‘n Spin – an old-school toy at an old-school price!”

  1. Anna Says:

    My coupon has printed! Yea!

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