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Half-price days @ The Dallas Zoo October 8, 2009

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zoo-to-do-logoIn preparation for the Dallas Zoo’s big Zoo To Do fundraiser on the evening of October 10, they’re closing The Wilds of Africa from October 8 through October 11…

And what does that mean for you? Since half the zoo is closed, Oct. 8, 9, 10, & 11th are HALF-PRICE DAYS at the Dallas Zoo! Pay just $6 for adults (age 12-64), $4.50 for children (ages 3-11), and $4.50 for seniors (age 65 & up). As always, kiddos ages 2 and under, and zoo members are FREE!

Honestly, the half of the zoo that will be open is my FAVORITE half. In Zoo North, you can visit Jenny & Gypsy, the elephants, and their neighbors, the giraffes. The snout route (including the anteaters) is sure to get a laugh from the kids, and the creatures in the bird & reptile building will make your skin crawl… Walk through the tiger habitat, then hop on by the kangaroos and wallabys in the Australian Outback. Make your way up the hill the cheetahs and a wide variety of hooved animals, including the enormous rhinoceroses.

The Lacerte Children’s Zoo will keep your children busy for an entire morning alone. We visited birds landing and were face-to-face (or wing-to-finger) with some gorgeous birds, and the zoo keeper at the exhibit will tell you the names of all the birds and even let you hold them. The junior zookeepers at the farm will help your kiddos learn about rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, and lots of other farm animals. These volunteers do a great job and teach young kids how to pet the animals and take care of them. The coy pond is beautiful and even has a window on the side for nose-to-nose viewing. For the first time we visited the Discovery House on our last visit to the Dallas Zoo. What a gem of a spot!  It is staffed with highly educated zoo keepers and filled with books, puzzles, toys, and reptiles in aquariums. The kids can learn about these animals and explore in a kid-friendly air-conditioned space.

Can you tell we’re members and huge fans of the Dallas Zoo? Take advantage of these half-price days, pack a picnic lunch, and bring your sunscreen. You’ll have a great time!

Only good on Thursday, October 8 through Sunday, October 11, 2009.


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  1. Susan Eckert Says:

    Thanks for letting everyone know about the great deal this weekend. Another gem in the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo is the Nature Exchange. Kids can take natural artifacts they find in the yard or on vacation to the Zoo, tell the interpreters as much as they know about the item, and get points. The more the children know, the more points they get. Then they can “spend” the points on other cool items in the Nature Exchange or bank them for future use.

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